Conferencia 30 eCAADe - Segunda llamada de artículos


Digitality is the condition of living in a world where ubiquitous
information and communication technology is embedded in the physical world.
Although it is possible to point out what is "digital" and what is "real,"
the distinction has become pointless, and it has no more explanatory power
for our environment, buildings, and behaviour.
Material objects are invested with communication means, teams are
communicating even when not together, and buildings can sense and respond to
the environment, each other, and to inhabitants. Digital is no longer an
add-on, extra, or separate software. Reality is partly digital and partly
The implication of this condition is not clear however, and we need to
investigate its potential. We have to search for new strategies that
acknowledge the synergetic qualities of the physical and the digital. This
is not limited to artifacts or what we design, but it also influences the
process, methods, and what or how we teach.
For the conference therefore, we are looking for contributions that explore
this synergy. Authors are encouraged to submit their work on the conference

Subjects may be, but are not limited to:

.    CAAD curriculum.
.    Modes of production.
.    New design concepts and strategies.
.    Mass customization.
.    Collaborative design.
.    Digital aids to design creativity.
.    User participation in design.
.    Generative design.
.    Virtual architecture.
.    Shape studies.
.    Virtual reality.
.    Precedence and prototypes.
.    Web-based design.
.    Design tool development.
.    Human-Computer Interaction.
.    Simulation, prediction, and evaluation.
.    City modelling.
.    Digital applications in construction.


Extended abstracts - - - - - - - - - - -4 February  2012

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the end of January).

Acceptance of papers - - - - - - - - - 26 March     2012
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Conference organizers:

Henri Achten and Dana Matejovska
Cabinet of Architectural Modelling
Faculty of Architecture
Czech Technical University in Prague
Czech Republic