The Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics (SIGraDi) is a non-profit association that brings together architects, urban planners, designers and artists linked to digital media. Its main goals are to contribute to the academic debate on digital media and their applications, to promote the production and advancement of scientific knowledge in general, and also to stimulate research and education in the current context of major technological change.

The 22nd Congress of SIGraDi takes on the theme of “Technopolitics“. It is understood that all technology is generated within cultural, economic and social fabrics, as well as has political aspects in its conformation and its use. However, it is not uncommon for technologies to be autonomously thought of as prefigurers of futures and unequivocal solutions to problems not yet known.

In a world facing different crises and challenges, from social to political, from urban to environmental, from imagined spaces to constructed ones, Technopolitics are understood as practices of conception, revision and use of technological artifacts that operate as common goods, and may counteract the dominant models of technological application.

Considering these premises and the intensive presence of digital and hybrid technologies in daily life, Technopolitics has been developed and directed to the propositional and critical composition of a “common world”: urban life, access and sharing of information and ways of doing, the forms of citizen participation and self-management, decision-making processes, the design and production of cities, and the enhancement of creative practices, among others.

The focus on digital technologies and their uses in architecture, design, arts and the like, according to the proposed approach – and based on the specificities and history of SIGraDi – intends to broaden the debate under way in these areas.

Sede: Instituto de Arquitetura e Urbanismo, Universidade de São Paulo

Fechas: 7, 8 Y 9 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2018

Ciudad: São Carlos, Brasil.