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SIGraDi 2020 “Transformative Design”


La Sociedad Iberoamericana de Gráfica Digital (SIGRADI) agrupa a los arquitectos, urbanistas, diseñadores y artistas vinculados a los nuevos medios y constituye la contraparte de organizaciones similares en Europa (ECAADE), América del Norte (ACADIA), Asia / Oceanía (CAADRIA) y Asia Occidental / África del Norte (ASCAAD). Realiza un Congreso Anual, en el cual se debaten las últimas aplicaciones y posibilidades de las tecnologias gráficas, con la participación de relevantes especialistas internacionales.



David M. Sperling, Brasil

Vicepresidente administrativo
Marcelo Bernal, Chile

Vicepresidente de Relaciones Internacionales
Simone Vizioli, Brasil


Fernando García Amen, Uruguay

Frederico Braida, Brasil
Paula Gómez, Chile
Daniela Frogheri, México
Rodrigo Cury Paraizo, Brasil
Goncalo Castro, Brasil


Miguel Roco I, Chile

Comité Asesor
Rodrigo Martín Iglesias, Argentina
María Elena Tosello, Argentina
Pablo C. Herrera, Perú

Nuestros congresos


229 abstracts accepted!

229 abstracts accepted!

We are very pleased to announce that the SIGraDi International Scientific Committee has selected 229 abstracts for the full paper evaluation stage.
We have received diverse, current and innovative proposals from 25 countries in the world and from 4 continents: America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.
We thank all authors for trusting us and for encouraging us sending their proposals in a complex moment.

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PostDoc – Computational Design for Solar Buildings

PostDoc – Computational Design for Solar Buildings

This temporary Post-Doc position is part of the IEBB MMIP 3 research project on Digitalisation of the Renovation Process, which was granted by the Dutch Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). As part of this large project, this position focuses on developing and testing a computational workflow to optimize (and 3D print) high-performance building components improving passive climate design and use of solar energy toward natural gas-free buildings. This workflow will allow to parametrically generate multiple design configurations computationally optimized for energy-related performance and let the final users choose a preferred customized solution. The post-doc will be the main researcher to develop this workflow. (S)he will be supervised by the staff of the chair Design Informatics, and will collaborate with other TU Delft staff members, TU Eindhoven and industry partners.

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Technology | Architecture + Design (TAD)

Technology | Architecture + Design (TAD)

Technology | Architecture + Design ( is a peer-reviewed international journal of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) and is published by Taylor & Francis. The TAD Journal is printed semi-annually with a hardcopy distribution to 4200+ subscribers, with digital access available through Taylor & Francis Online, and indexed by Scopus.

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