T1. Theories and Practices of Landscape design in digital accelerated contexts.
Programming Cultures. Digital Heritage. Cultural Landscapes and new technologies. Design, Nature and Ecosystems. 

T2. Parametric Design.
Formal patterns of urban life. Shape grammars. Fractal geometries. Generative Design. Parametric Analysis. Machine Learning. Predictive Modeling

T3. Digital Fabrication.
Robotics. Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Industrial design. Internet of Things. Hacker/maker culture. Digital craft. 

T4. Virtual environments.
Smart cities. Interfaces and devices. Landscape photogrammetric studies. Artificial intelligence. Big Data. Machine learning. AR/VR/MR. 

T5. Education and research in hybrid contexts.
New pedagogies and technologies after the Great Reset. Life Long Learning and Digital Education. Hybrid Education. Online Learning.

T6. Design, Nature and Ecosystems
Design based on nature.Biomimicry, Biodesign, Biodigital design, Sustainable Design, New relations between nature and design. Bio-inspired design. Living things. New relations between nature and design.

T7. Artistic practices and creative industries.
Convergencies through new technologies, architecture, design and cinema. Mapping. Audiovisual approaches. Artificial intelligence and media art.

T8. Other computations.
Decolonial design. Inclusive design. Covid 19. Codesign. UX. Interdisciplinary design. Open source. Gender equality. Interdisciplinary design. Open design.

T9. Open Track.
For papers related to Accelerated Landscapes but no related to the sub-tracks of SIGraDi 2023.