XXVII SIGraDi Conference 2023

29 NOV | 30 NOV | 1 DEC

Punta del Este | Maldonado | Uruguay

Centro Universitario Regional Este (CURE)
Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo (FADU)
Universidad de la República (UDELAR)

Conference 2023

The global situation that emerged after the planetary uncertainty caused by the coronavirus, known as the “Great Reset”, highlighted the fragile condition of certain beliefs prior to the crisis, while unblocking the acceleration vectors towards the construction of new possible futures. These are no longer interpreted as an unavoidable and singular unit, but as spaces of plurality, where the probable, the desirable and the plausible coexist. The emerging landscapes of the great reset are presented in the key of speculative fiction.

They are landscapes of convergence between the physical and the digital; between the biological and the machinic; between futurizations, futurabilities and virtualities.

The XXVII SIGraDi Congress invites us to reflect on the emerging accelerated landscapes of current techno-diversity and its projection towards future technopolitics.