Tópicos de Interesse

Programming Cultures
Generative Design
Shape Grammars
Parametric Analysis
Agent-Based Systems
Data Analytics
Machine Learning
Predictive Modeling

Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
Digital Fabrication
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
Big Data
Decision Making

Interactions and Collaborations
User Experience
Mixed Realities
Virtual Reality
BIM adoption
Interdisciplinary Design
Open Design

Special Topics
Digital Heritage
Women and Technology
Gender Equality
Inclusive Design
Media Art

Life Long Learning and Digital Education
Hybrid Education
Online Learning

Design Nature and Ecosystems
Smart Cities and Environments
Sustainable Design
Building Performance
Bio-Inspired Design
Living Things

Other Computations
Decolonial Design
DIY Culture
Digital Craft
Low-High Technology

Open Track
Para artigos que correspondem ao tema, mas não correspondem aos subtemas do SIGraDi 2022.