Abstract: 500 words (EN, PT, ES)
Submission deadline: April 15th, 2021

We invite you to participate by submitting your work and selecting not one, but all tracks that apply to your area. The goal is to discuss the potential impact of our design decisions, exploring possible scenarios on a timeline.
We invite you to SIGraDi 2021 Ubiquitous conference: a synchronic materialization of events in multiple spaces.
We are pleased to invite academics, researchers, professionals and students to present research results or experiments. Please, submit abstracts until April 15th, 2021, in Spanish, Portuguese or English. The abstracts will be blindly reviewed by an International Scientific Committee under the following evaluation criteria:

  • Concordance with the main theme of the conference Designing Possibilities and tracks
  • Originality of the topic, research problem or project
  • Relevance of the contribution to the field
  • Methodology or techniques used;
  • Quality of references;
  • General organization of the abstract according to the guidelines.

Abstracts must be written following the guidelines of the APA Standards, contain a maximum of 500 words, without including references, and must be based on the following structure:

TITLE: Title of the work presented must be concise and consistent with the purpose of the study.
KEYWORDS: maximum of 5 keywords that identify the project.
INTRODUCTION: What is the problem studied? What is its relevance and its objectives?
METHODOLOGY: How was the study carried out, what stages, materials and techniques were used?
RESULTS: What are the expected results or findings?
DISCUSSION: What is the contribution and impact to our field?
REFERENCES: Are these the most relevant sources?

The review of the articles for oral presentation and publication will be carried out in two stages: First, the abstract and second, the complete work. Both will be blindly reviewed.

Publications: The accepted full articles will be published in the Conference Proceedings (ISBN), as well as on the Blucher (ISSN) and Cumincad platforms.

  • As this is a blind evaluatreview proces, the abstract should not mention the names of the authors or the institution, nor any indication of authorship.
  • There is no limit for abstract submissions.
  • Each registration in the congress will allow one publication and one presentation.
  • The Conference platform for submission is OPENCONF
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