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SIGraDi At-A-Glance Program

If you want to get this program with the local time of your location, please go to the at-a-glance program link and modify the Time Zone according to your needs.


Full Program features

  • Change the time zone according to your geographical location to ensure your participation in SIGraDI 2022.
  • Access the program with all the scheduled presentations, including titles, authors, session chair and abstracts.
  • Create your own schedule by checking the boxes of your preference and activating “Create my Program” at the bottom of the page (this also creates an ics calendar file).


SIGraDi 2022 brings together more than 200 authors from more than 100 presentations in 24 sessions, 7 Keynote presentations, 12 workshops and more than 25 session moderators. With OpenConfe Mobile you can easily search for a session, an author or a schedule from a simple interface.

  • List of sessions by day: Topic, subtopic, Titles, Authors, Language, Abstract
  • List of Conferences Papers by ID: All the information about research and researchers.
  • List of 267 authors
  • Search engine