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Every year, SIGraDi leads an annual congress and throughout the process, it is represented by an International Executive Committee and an Advisory Committee. This Board is elected by vote of its members under the terms and regulations of its Bylaws (EN | ES | PT). If you need more information about membership write to
The annual membership fee for SIGraDi is US$30. If you wish to renew your membership, or you are a co-author or a participant in SIGraDI 2022, you will be a member of SIGraDi by following the steps below.

sigradi membership


In order to ensure the security of your card data, please click the button below to make your payment on the PayPal web site.
The Paypal button will direct you to the SIGraDi Paypal account, after that, return to this page to complete your transaction information.

STEP 2. Send us your payment information

Please, complete the next form with your ID submission number and  author information, and copy and paste the Transaction ID and Date from the PayPal email.